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Gas Hot Water

Semtex Plumbing & Gas are experienced gasfitters and we specialise in continuous gas hot water systems

Infinity Gas Hot Water Systems

Have you ever considered heating your hot water with gas? If you haven’t, it is well worth doing the math. In most cases offering a far more efficient hot water heating system than most electric options. For residential customers continuous hot water systems are a great set up with Rinnai Infinity systems being the most popular that we install. The A-Series produces endless hot water, are very energy efficient and are installed on the exterior of buildings so the old electric hot water cylinder can be removed from the cupboard inside to free up storage space.

There are four different models to choose from (16, 20, 24, 26). We will fit one that meets your needs, whether its required for a large family home or to provide hot water for a sleepout.

We can carry out the whole job, from removing the old hot water cylinder to installing the infinity system and doing all the pipework. We have electricians that we work closely with, and they’ll take care of all the electrical requirements as well.

Save up to 60% of the running costs with Natural gas compared to an electric hot water storage cylinder.

Save up to 15% of the running costs with LPG compared to an electric hot water storage cylinder.

Get gas hot water today
for only $3,499 + GST

The Rinnai Infinity A26 is a continuous-flow hot water system for residential applications. This hot water cylinder alternative produces endless hot water, and unlike electric cylinders, are energy efficient as they are only on when you need hot water. Hot water capacity of the Infinity A26 produces 26 litres of hot water per minute at a 25°C rise.

Service includes removal of your existing hot water cylinder, installation of a Rinnai Infinity A26 (natural gas or LPG). Please be aware that the unit must be installed outside and location restrictions do apply… the ‘upside’ of this means that you get to reclaim the indoor space vacated by the removal of your old cylinder. This upgrade offer includes…

  • A Rinnai Infinity A26 hot water system – complete with a 10-year heat exchanger warranty, 3-year parts and labour
  • Installation to existing plumbing, with allowance of up to 5 metres of pipework
  • All gasfitting work and gas certification, with allowance of up to 5 metres of gas pipework
  • Connection to your existing natural gas or LPG supply
  • LPG changeover regulator is included
  • Gas certification
  • Removal of old cylinder


  • Subject to prior approval and acceptance by our certified gas technicians.
  • The above price(s) do not include any electrical or building work as costs can vary with each installation. If such work is required, costs will be confirmed before commencement of your job.
  • Gas must already be onsite and to the location as specified above.
  • LPG gas bottles must be stored outside and are not included in the above pricing.