Drainage Services

  • Residential & commercial sewer/stormwater drainlaying

    Stormwater drains aid in reducing flooding, our team covers drainlaying in both the residential and commercial fields.

  • General Repairs & Maintenance

    Need a broken pipe fixed or upgraded, we carry out small to large repairs.

  • Septic tank & effluent fields installation/servicing

    Agents for Hynds & Biorock wastewater systems including all servicing of any septic or effluent field.

  • Drainage Pumps

    Let our experienced technicians fix or repair any sewage or stormwater pump.

  • Unblocking

    Blocked drains don’t just cause bad odour, they also pose health risks and leaks. The team at Semtex have the latest technology and equipment to get to the bottom of the blockage.

  • Excavation

    We have all excavation and trenching covered with the best plant and equipment maintained to be operational at all times.

  • CCTV drain inspection

    Highley trained CCTV operators on hand to inspect any stormwater/sewer pipe for problems with location and depth. Detailed inspection reports provided.


  • Hydro jetter root cutting & pipe cleaning

    5000 Psi drain cleaning machine with root cutting heads that clears and cleans any blockage drain on call 24/7.

  • Commercial Drainage

    We install large diameter uPVC, RCP and HDPE pipework with our pipelaying team.


Commercial and Residential Drainlaying Specialists

Our professional team are highly experienced in all areas of drainlaying from small diameter uPVC pipework to large RCP concrete pipework with specialist HDPE pipework and welding services.

We provide professional and comprehensive service for your home or workplace and construction site.

Our expertise in stormwater, sewage, water tanks, cesspits, sump pumps and subsoil drainage will offer a long-term solution to your property.

It makes no difference to us whether you have a blocked toilet, sewer, or sink drain

We have the expertise, experience and the equipment to take on any blocked drain repair, no matter how small or large.

Our drainage van is fitted with everything we could possibly need, including electric drain cleaners and CCTV camera systems. In addition to this, in the case of a sewer drain blockage, we will attend with a high powered hydro-jet.

All of our plumbers have undergone extensive training to accurately assess and fix every blocked drain repair or replacement.

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