Gas Services

  • Residential Gas Installation & Alterations

    Moving your gas hob or wanting a new gas fire installed we have the solutions for you.

  • Commercial Gas Installation & Alteration

    Specialists in commercial kitchens, laundries, plantrooms and underground HDPE gas pipework installations.

  • Renovations

    Have a small gas job and need a gas pipe moved we can help out.

  • Internal/External Hot-Water Infinity Units

    Rinnai Infinity and Rheem Integrity installation specialists in natural gas and LPG.

  • Gas meters & regulators

    Gas meter and gas regulator technicians available for installation or replacement.

  • Gas installation audits

    Need your site or building audited to make sure it complies with Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 Act. We can provide full site reports with recommendations to execute work required to comply.

  • Restaurants & cafes

    Commercial gas ovens/stoves, hobs, deep fryers, salamanders, brat pans servcing by our expert gasfitting technicians and 24/7 contracted breakdown services.

  • Appliance maintenance & repairs

    Gas fire, hob, energy saver heaters repairs and servicing specialists for Rinnai, Escea, Bosch to name a few.

  • Flue Gas & Combustion Analysis

    Flue Gas Analysing of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and flue gas temperatures are present, room CO monitoring.



Are you considering changing to gas heating, cooking, or water heating?

Semtex supply and install gas infinity hot water systems, space heaters, gas fires, central heating boilers, gas cookers and hobs from all leading major manufacturers.

We also install, service and repair any gas appliances be it hob or large industrial grain seed dryer. We conduct pressure tests with state of the art manometers to detect any leaks and carry out CO testing and flue gas analysis of appliances and boilers for safe and efficient operation.

We ensure all our safety procedures are followed, turning off the gas to repair, install and the issue of gas certificates.

Manawatu Gas specialists

Our licenced gasfitters will ensure that every gas installation job complies with Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 act, and upon completion, the customer will be issued with the respective gas safety certification certificate.

As licenced local gas fitters our completed jobs come with full gasfitting warranties and guarantees for peace of mind from the Master Plumbers Association.

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